Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Lizard King can do anything

Most people have links on their sidebar, links to people they read on a regular basis or friends who blog. I had a similar blog rolling bar as it was called but then I forgot my password and I had given it some ugly padding. Eventually I got rid of it and added a few new thingys to the side bar. They're looking quite ugly as well. The point of this blog is not to discuss the side bar. That's quite irrelevant really. I've just finished scripting a TVC for some itchy scratchy cream and am a little vacant.
I decided to list out the blogs that I visit and why I visit them. This is not a sugary sweet post as its not me to be that nice, its just and exercise in boredom. Anyway lets see, how do I configure this, chronology or frequency of visit. Getting an alphabetical order is too much for me, its to much of work and I won't get paid for it either.
People who are referred to herewith are requested to keep a pinch of salt handy. Some may know me others would've just visited my blog and for those who don't know me or have visited my blog I have a scalpel. Ever tasted very bad sarcasm?

Supriya- roswitha.blogspot.com: Supriya I've know since college days (i.e not too long ago). I'd rate her as the smartest and wittiest writer I've read. She is also a mofo quizzer with immense gyaan about Lit and Music and Art and other such very very smart things. If I ever start a publication or any knowledge business I'll try and poach her.

Samit Basu- samitbasu.blogspot.com: I came across his blog after reading The Simoqin Prophecies. Nice book, the blog has metamorphosized into a big publicity wagon for his books but I think its only fair.

Aishwarya- bluelullaby.blogspot.com: There was a time when I wanted to start a magazine+website (I still do). The idea had gained some momentum and I went about scouting for writers on the web. Aishwarya's was one of the earliest ones I visited. A fairly good taste in life she depicts. (I have a habit of speaking in inversions). Quite a good critic she seems.

eM- thecompulsiveconfessor.blogspot.com: I used to read this on and off, now a days its more off than on. Does the silverfish ever write I wonder. Because of eM's blog I also got directed to caramelcustard.blogspot.com, thatonly.blogspot.com and a few other similar blogs. The novelty has worn off and I've forgotten most of those links. One really fun thing about these blogs were the attacks they faced from a few radical anti women's lib chaps. From an engaging dialogue it went onto become a blogger bashing game.

Mrinalini- mrinalinisen.blogspot.com: I don't quite remember how I landed up here but the author has a few interesting interests and as a corollary interesting posts. A new read.

Sandeep- sandeepmakam.blogspot.com: This guy is an ad man from Chennai, who, I believe has his own agency. He puts up a good collection of print ads and ambient campaigns from around the world. For me it's a good resource. For the rest of the junta it could be a good place to view arty and scam ads. Do keep in mind that all the jpegs mean that the blog takes awfully long to load.

Rimi- myownfairystories.blogspot.com: Long drawn posts about oneself and bitchy posts about other people. A fun read if you have the patience.

Erebus- specksinuniverse.blogspot.com: Australian based bong I presume with a radio blog. A regular at the quizzes and (I stand corrected here erebus doesn't read fantasy fiction) a fantasy fiction lover. (So there is no combination other than pop music, that I know of) Nice combination, right now he has a boring playlist up so I'm ducking out.

Srin or Srinanda(?)- cha-biskoot.blogspot.com: A by and by blog like mine, a SFF fan too, I think.

Kiruba- kiruba.com: One of the 1st blogs I visited way back in 2004. Started off as a fun blog now its a resource blog with small tidbits of gyaan and opinions.

Teleute- ruinsoftheday.blogspot.com: Short posts that don't allow you to leave a comment. Nice dark lines. Been quite boring of late.

Rashmi- youthcurry.blogspot.com: There was a time when I did a summer job at JAM. Ran into Rashmi's blog late last year. A very opinion based blog and a good plug for JAM. Has had its bit of controversy (read surge in popularity/hits) courtesy the IIPM issue

Govinraj Ethiraj- datelinebombay.blogspot.com: Used to be the Corporate Affairs Editor at CNBC TV18. I've heard he has quit which might be the reason the blog is updated frequently. For those who want very magazine type posts you can read them here.

There are other blogs, which I visit, but I can't recollect their urls. Typing .blogspot.com seems easier which is why you'd not find a live journal or spaces blog here. Guess I'm not in touch with a large number of fun people. That's fine enough I guess, I did great without any blog or phone for long.



  1. So it isn't a sweet-sweet post, but I'm touched, all the same. (We'll make that team some day, inshallah.)

  2. fantasy fiction lover???? where'd you get that from... I just laboured through LOTR once that's all.

  3. really??? I then I've miread something somewhere. The correction has been made

  4. heh, darling, you clearly haven't been around for a bit. i've perceptively shortened my posts. now go correct THAT.