Monday, January 09, 2006

Who is Joe?

And on the seventh day God rested, I rested on the fifth, the sixth and the seventh. Then I sat on a quiz on the eighth, finally on the ninth I realised that I couldn't count that well. So unable to count I wore the barren day off (would somebody kill me for the line, anybody, dhiskyaauon).
You have till tomorow to get the answers and the 100 bucks are waiting. And yeah the funda behind the bonus question has become very interesting. At the end of the month, i.e. 31st Jan 2006 the first person to give me the answers of all the bonus questions will get 500 bucks, yup, you read right. All you need to do is collate the answer and get the monies. Of course this means that starting today I give no answers for the bonus questions.
So lets start off with the first quiz for the week.

1] "A good-----should have all the qualities of a pahalwan (strong man)". From this statement a Brand symbol was born. What?

2] The Daihatsu Midget was licensed to a company in India, what came off this agreement?

3] Complete the analogy Dynamic Vetor: Stripes::-----------:-----------?

4] Complete the list or rather start it ---------------,,,,

5] The 'lead' author of this book is an Indian actress and model. Name the book, the actress and also give the concept here. (Yes, there is one)

6] This is for those hardcore business quiz walas. (Yes I can do that too) What first does HPCL (Hindustan Petro-Chemicals Limited) have to its credit?

7] This car's name comes from the lack of noise from its engine. What car are we talking about?

8] What's a FIDO?

9] This town in popular fiction gets its name from the solution of opium in alcohol. Gimme the name of the town?

10] Who designs jewellery for the company called Artex?

Bonus Question
Connect Mark Cuban, Martha Stewart, Tommy Hilfiger and Donald Trump