Friday, January 06, 2006

The answers to Q6 and I wonder...

Here are the answers to the easiest quiz in the series. Now I'm wondering whether to put one up right away or wait until Monday. Anyone want to play??

1] Connect Wimbledon, Wales and Snatch.
- Vinnie Jones. This hard man played football for Wimbledon in the season during which they won the FA cup, he was also part of the Welsh national football team. He later acted in Guy Ritchie movies Lock Stock and Snatch playing a hard hitman in those.

2] A sitter for any football follower. This nation, alongwith England has played international football for the longest period. Which national team are we talking about?

3] Yet another easy one. Who are the members of the G.I.R.L squad?
-Dee Dee, Mee Mee and Lee Lee. If you've watched your cartoons you'd know that Dee Dee is Dexter irritating elder sister. Mee Mee and Lee Lee, are her friends.

4] Connect John Frankenheimer, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Joe Carnahan and Tony Scott (some funda here)
- All directors of BMW films that won a lot of acclaim. Each film showcased the prowess of BMW cars. I have around 8 of these films with me, they're short films, anyone interested in a copy??

5] "Short, broad chested with a large head; small eyes and a thin grey beard, he had a flat nose and a swarthy complexion, showing the evidences of his origin" This description is used to describe which king?
-Atilla the Hun

6] "Fast and the Furious" had its characters playing a video game on their Playstation in a couple of scenes. What game was it?
- Grand Turismo 3

7] The US has the Big Foot, Nepal and India have the Yeti, what elusive legend does Australia have?
- The Bunyip

8] Lets hit some old world logic puzzle here "Five men are standing in a circle. They know they are wearing at least 2 white hats and at least 2 black hats. They do not know what colour hat they are wearing. How many of them will figure out what colour their hat is? Of course they aren't allowed to communicate in any manner whatsoever." (An old quiz circuit favourite)
- 2. Two men will see three hats of the same colour, and one hat of a different colour. Since they know there cannot be four hats with the same colour, they will know their hat colour is the same as the one man with the different coloured hat. The two people who see those colours will know their hat colour. The other three will see a balanced number of hat colours, so they won't know what colour their hat is.

9] How did the antibiotic Bacitracin get its name?
-Extarcted from the bacillus in Tracy's arm.

10] I don't think we've had a cricket question. So here's to rectify the error. An Australian team toured England in 1868, the first by any Australian cricket team. What as odd about the tour?
- The team consisted of only aborgine players and had to be smuggled into England as they didn't have the permissions required to travel.


Why do I have a Bonus question instead of Question No 11?
- This one still awaits an answer


  1. Hmmm. You're certainly enthu about quizzing. How do you keep it up? I find it hard enough to scrape together 20 questions for a prelims.

    Plus there's the problem of the Purpose of Meaning (Quick! Where might you find this phrase!)

    Answering quizzes I like. But quiznet pisses me off.

    Coutesy: exlitb (apt, is't it?)

  2. Nice, so you'll put the next one up on Monday? I'll be bach.